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     Part Number Description Application Price Buy
     4022899WOOD APPLIQUE,Q79 F T & C WAGON$142.00

     3591002WOOD FNSH PLATE78-79 CORDOBA W/A/C W/O CLOCK$45.00

     4240375WOOD GRAIN APPL$0.00

     2267568WORM & NUT ASSY64-76$135.00

     2226125WORM SHAFT$205.00


     4026389WPP ADAPTER PKG$0.00

     3773380WPP SUMP$0.00

     3503342WPP SWITCH$0.00

     3843686WPP WIRING HARN76 P,D,C W/400,440 W/O LEAN BU$125.00

     3431730WPR MOTOR,2-SPD71-73 V,L$139.50

     3004176WPR SW,W/2-SPD67-68 P,D (2864048 SOP)$59.00


     2258700WRE62-66 CARS$299.00




     4741933WRG ASSY$0.00

     4450849WRG ASSY$0.00

     82201604WRG PKG$55.00


     2889076WRNG ENG/H/L67 DART G USED 6/CYL$0.00

     1738817WSHR 0050$2.50

     2900817WSTRIP,ROOF RAI69-70 P,D,C,Y 2DR HTP W/VENT$150.00










     4364584X848EX977-89 (4411866,4366286)$35.00

     3726994Y PIPE75 R,W,X,S W/400 W/O CAT$265.00

     3726094Y PIPE$0.00

     3583978Y PIPE73 C W/400$195.00

     2823434Y PIPE67 B,L W/273-4-BBL PWR PACK$375.00

     2829733Y PIPE68-71 A100 VAN W/8-CYL$185.00

     2836425Y PIPE$0.00




     2586454YOKE67-8 Y RAD SPPT$600.00









     2660669YOKE ASSY.$0.00

     2240389YOKE PKG61-68 DODGE P/U$0.00

     2240656YOKE PKG$0.00

     2240671YOKE PKG$0.00

     2240659YOKE PKG.$0.00

     3420058YOKE PKG.$50.00

     3827201YOKE, CENTER, F74-77 AW,W MODELS 4 WHL$47.00

     3837521ZIP KIT$48.00

     4131181ZIP KIT$0.00

     3744775ZIP KIT$0.00

     4271962ZIP KIT$0.00

     3780151ZIP KIT CARB$0.00

     3879775ZIP KIT CARB$0.00

     4049320ZIP KIT CARB$0.00

     3621286ZIP KIT, CARB$0.00

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