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     Part Number Description Application Price Buy
     2949710H/L BEZEL70C 300$75.00

     2983778CABLE70/74 CUDA/GTX 383/440$79.00

     3512095VALVE, EXHST ST70-UP$19.00

     3419475TOUCH-UP PAINT,70-T8$15.00

     3514915TOUCH-UP PAINT,70-K-2$12.00

     3481703TOUCH-UP PAINT,70-J5$20.00

     55344867STRAP70-93 TRUCK BAT HOLD DOWN$22.50

     2961123BUSHING70-93 D,W-MODEL TRUCKS 100$29.00

     3824472W/STRIP, REAR D70-93 B-MODEL VANS W/SNGLE DR$156.00

     2960288PITMAN ARM70-93 B VANS W/ P/S$125.00

     5211126CONN70-89 (2983077,64577A SOP) (S$3.00

     3420047VALVE PKG70-88 W/ 6-CYL$159.95

     3739774435437770-87 B VAN W/SLIDING SIDE$189.00

     2958775BULKHEAD CONN70-85 TRUCKS$89.50

     6028993603297570-85 P/U (6032975)$2.00

     6028587NUT70-85 BLACK METAL$6.00

     3548955CYLINDER70-83 ALL W/TILT WHEEL$59.50



     4373814SWITCH70-82 W/ 4-SPEED M/T$18.50

     3639584W/STRIP, FRT DR70-81 VAN$85.00

     3747794SWITCH70-81 (3747793)$109.00

     4240278SWITCH ASSY, T/70-81$49.00

     4026123PISTON70-79 DISC CALIPERS$57.95


     3755357ALTERNATOR ROTO70-78 MOST (3438757)$60.00

     3632998INSULATOR70-78 D,W-MODEL TRUCK$79.50

     3489411RESERVOIR70-78 B VANS$79.95

     2947844SWITCH,DR OPEN70-78 2-SPADE LARGE DIA$39.95

     3685677IDLE LIMITER CA70-78 (RED COLOR)$8.00

     3579671PLATE,HOOD BUMP70-78 FRT CORNER$25.00

     2999806CATCH,GLOVE CYL70-78 EXC C,Y (4216907)$39.95


     3420913T/L LENSE70-77 VAN$55.00

     3685357MLDG,WINDSHIELD70-77 P/U (3579079)$15.00

     3744477PIN PAIR KIT70-77 CALIPERS (INCL BUSHNGS)$59.00

     4057969SEAL70-77 B-VAN$54.00

     2958574WIRING,STARTER70-77 B-MODEL VAN$129.00

     3731360NS170-77 B VANS W/5 X 7 HEAD$55.00

     3824285NS170-77 B VAN$368.00

     2958549GAUGE,AMMETER70-77 B VAN$65.00

     4106241FAN BELT70-76 W/ 225$35.00

     3444933MOULDING70-76 V,L-29 FASTBACK$59.00

     3419989MLDG,R WDO,UPR70-76 V,L-29 FASTBACK$135.00


     3696427DOOR SKIN, OUTE70-76 V,L 29 DUSTER,D SPORT$275.00

     3481772MLDG,WDO UPR/SD70-76 V,L 29$135.00

     3481773MLDG,WDO UPR/SD70-76 V,L 29$145.00

     3615682PANEL,WHOUSE,IN70-76 V,L INNER$275.00

     2884817BEZEL70-76 V,L$65.00

     2807896MLDG,WHL OPEN,F70-76 V$150.00

     2936926TUBE70-76 R,W,B,J$10.00

     3620747VOLT REGTLR70-76 ALL 75 AND 77 DATED$55.00

     2951868BRKT,ALTR ADJUS70-75 W/ 318,360 A/C$39.00

     2947109SWITCH,LAMP ASS70-75 ONLY$30.00

     3579507TIE ROD END70-75 B VAN W/O HD$39.50

     3579506NS170-75 B VAN W/O HD$39.50

     2894318COVER70-75 ALL (SEEN ON FIREWALL)$5.00

     2946051434371570-75 ALL$49.00

     3461660SPRING70-75 ALL$2.00

     3410020CLUSTER, 3-SPEE70-75 A230$130.00

     3515203GEAR/RING70-75 8-CYL$65.00


     3431696CLIP70-74 WIPER ARTICLING ARM$20.00

     3410072IDLER,REVERSE G70-74 W/ 3-SPEED M/T$58.00

     3004243MLDG, L QTR PAN70-74 V;67-72 L 2-DR H'TOP$45.00

     3454485STRIKER70-74 V,L,B,J;71-74 R,W$65.00

     3431727ARM70-74 V,L$79.50

     2884656CLIP70-74 TEMP CONTROL CABLE$10.00

     3744367NS170-74 SIDE MLDGS INCL 70-74 J$3.00

     3404404STRAP70-74 P;70-76 D,L;70-71 B;V$18.00

     2947719SW,IGN & START70-74 P,D,C,Y W/TILT/TEL$129.00

     2983067RESERVOIR70-74 L,V W/FOOT PUMP TYPE$69.95

     3579633MLDG, FENDER SI70-74 J W/BLK INSERT$120.00

     3500280GLASS,QTR W/FRM70-74 J CLEAR NOS MOPAR Q4424$625.00

     3611378PANEL, HOOD, FL70-74 J (SOME RUST)$150.00

     3499843WDO LOUVER PKG70-74 J (GOOD USED)$1,250.00

     2983164ADAPTER70-74 J$60.00

     3404591EXTENSION70-74 J$354.00

     2998035ORNAMENT, HOOD70-74 CUDA$45.00

     3404557MUFFLER70-74 B,V W/DUAL EXHAUST (DATE$250.00

     3404558MUFFLER70-74 B,V W/DUAL EXHAUST$250.00

     3415393CABLE70-74 B,J;71-74 R,W$0.00

     2983077521112670-74 B,J;71-72 R,W (5211126)$69.00

     3467770NS170-74 B,J;71 R,W,X;73-74 R W/O$85.00

     3837094ARM/BALL JT,LWR70-74 B,J,R,W$199.00

     2889857W000151670-74 B,J,P,D,C,Y$8.00

     2822291LINK G/USED70-74 B,J WIPER PIVOT CONNECTG$65.00

     2936842DUCT, (GOOD USE70-74 B,J A/C CENTER OUTLET$75.00

     3420844GAGE PKG70-74 B,J W/O 426/440$134.00

     3764166WIRING,POS CABL70-74 B,J W/318/360 (2983648$60.00

     3514305BLOWER MOTOR70-74 B,J W/ A/C (GOOD USED)$75.00

     2947953LVR&KNOB,T/SIGL70-74 B,J CHROME 8 LONG$74.00

     3441180CORE70-74 B,J W/ A/C$284.50

     3431459CABLE70-74 B,J 71 OVERALL$57.99

     3441883BRKT,A/C W VLV70-74 B,J$59.00

     2936641DEFROST DUCT70-74 B,J$125.00

     2983078NOZZLE,WDO WASH70-74 B,J$59.00

     2996053PEDAL PAD,E-BRA70-74 B,J$75.00

     2879600P287960070-74 B,J$79.00

     3496968NS170-74 B VAN$35.00

     2963272B4434C70-74 B (GOOD USED)$275.00

     2934856HOOD70-74 B (FLAT STYLE)$425.00

     3444583CAP70-74 B (GOOD USED)$20.00

     3444582CAP, DRAIN TROU70-74 B (GOOD USED)$20.00

     2983162ADAPTER70-74 B$60.00

     34100673-SPEED M/T 2ND70-74 A230 W/340/383$75.00

     3420045VALVE PKG, EXH70-74 3831440 (3683946) W/O H.$115.00

     2951640BRACKET,ALTR70-74 383,440 W/O A/C$129.00

     2947486SW & WIRING, IG70-74 (3747092)$129.00


     3683946PKG70-74 W/ 400, 440 W/O HP$0.00

     3461895OIL SEAL,FRT WH70-73 Y$8.00

     3744851SWITCH,WIPER MT70-73 V,L W/2SPD (3431507)$8.00

     2964486QTR,PANEL END E70-73 V,L HTP$129.00

     3431507PARK SWITCH,2SP70-73 V,L (3744851)$10.00

     2964483PANEL,DECK OPEN70-73 V,L$259.00

     3420729NS170-73 V 4-DR$35.00

     3579104NS170-73 P/U$25.00

     3404421SEAL, UPR CONTR70-73 P,D,C$60.00

     3404450SEAL, UPR CONTR70-73 P,D,C$40.00

     3744535SUPPORT70-73 P,D$0.00

     3419457TOUCH-UP PAINT,70-73 FQ-5$15.00

     2912923CAP70-73 D-MODEL TRUCK$44.50

     3488103BRACKET,H/L DIM70-73 C,Y W/AUTO SENTL$6.00

     2895447STOP,DOOR GLASS70-73 B,J (3499740)$22.00

     3418339FAN BELT,W/ A/C70-73 ALL W/340$89.50

     3410018GEAR,REVERESE I70-73 A230 3-SPD M/T$40.00

     3462114HOSE,RAD UPPER70-73 383/440 W/22 (REPRO)$65.00

     3506049NS170-73 340 DUSTER, REAR BDY$35.00

     3438150ELEC VOLT REGUL70-73 ( 51-2 DATE)$65.00

     2983545SOCKET, REAR S/70-73$45.00

     3492921INSULATOR, TAIL70-73$10.00

     3432487FLANGE70-72 W/8-3/4,29 TEETH SP$109.50

     2951652CARB CHOKE,ON M70-72 W/383 2-BBL$22.00

     2891322HOSE,P/S PRESS70-72 W/ SIX CYL$109.00

     3671259BELT,P/S70-72 W/ 225 SIX-CYL$65.00

     3505742DECAL70-72 V-29 FENDER SIDE$30.00

     2891232HOSE70-72 V,L W/340$175.00

     3444412MLDG,ROOF BELT70-72 V,L 29 FRONT$129.00

     3615275QTR PANEL,LEFT70-72 V,L 29$895.00

     3574099PANEL,RAD YOKE70-72 V,L (3672198)$175.00

     2948606BALL JT/ARM LWR70-72 V,L W/DISC$225.00

     2891344NS170-72 V,L W/6-CYL$59.00

     2948604STRG ARM & BALL70-72 V,L W/ DRUMS SOLD AS PR$135.00

     3431618CRANK W/ PIN,WI70-72 V,L VARIABLE$8.00

     3461729BRAKE HOSE,70-72 V,L FRT,DISC OR DRUMS$109.00

     3481780MLDG,R QTR EXT70-72 V,L$65.00

     3514974BALL JOINT,UPR70-72 V,L$109.00

     3508038LATCH,CONSOLE70-72 V,L$59.00

     3548263CYL,GLOVE BOX,W70-72 V,B.L W/O KEY TYPE$39.50

     3506048NS170-72 V EXC /340$25.00

     2999091HOOD SAFE CATCH70-72 V DUSTER$25.00

     3595030BUMPER,REAR70-72 V 4-DR W/GUARDS$325.00

     2984405AMMETER70-72 V EXC W/340$79.00

     3420743PARK LENSE, LT70-72 V EXC 71-72 /340$45.00

     3403411BEZEL,PARK LAMP70-72 V EXC 71-72 /340$45.00

     2962320SUPPORT,BUMPER,70-72 V$55.00

     2962321BUMPER SUPPORT,70-72 V$55.00

     3614111NS170-72 SIX$35.00

     2884730CABLE70-72 R,W; 70-74 B,J (48 1/2)$0.00

     3461730BRAKE HOSE,FRT70-72 R,W,B,J,P,D,C W/DRUMS$89.95

     3466825FUEL CAP70-72 R,W$125.00

     2944432WHEEL COVER,PL70-72 R,B 28-HOLE (3461461)$165.00

     2906692SPEEDOMETER, MI70-72 P/U D,L MODELS 700,800$155.00

     3580545HUB & DRUM, RF70-72 P,D;70 C;69 W/440 (29448$365.00

     3441450REGULATOR,EVAP70-72 P,D,C,Y (AFTER 1/70)$25.00

     3441018A/C LINE, SUCTI70-72 P,D,C W/383/440 & LN ALT$150.00

     3417196CROSSMEMBER,FRT70-72 P,D,C LOWER$229.00

     3404426PANEL,R W'HOUSE70-72 P,D,C INNER FENDER$275.00

     3722735SHOCK ABS,REAR70-72 P,D,C H.D(3402019 SOP)$65.00

     3461731BRAKE HOSE70-72 P,D,C FRT W/DRUMS$59.00

     3439035MLDG,WDO LWR CR70-72 P,D,C$75.00

     3467406T/S SWITCH70-72 P,D W/TILT WHL$119.00

     4049403NS170-72 P (3419953)$35.00

     3419953CYL & KEYS PKG,70-72 P$75.00

     3549631MLDG PKG, LF FE70-72 L (2998369)$139.00

     2962406BUMPR SUPRT,FRT70-72 L INNER$79.00

     2962407SUPPORT,F BUMPR70-72 L INNER$80.00

     2962430SUPPORT, REAR B70-72 L$129.00

     2962341GUARD BUMPER,FR70-72 J$180.00

     2895890D443570-72 DUSTER, TINTED, USED$0.00

     2895888D4435C70-72 DUSTER, DEMON, USED$260.00

     2944722POSTIONER, DISC70-72 B,V,R,W$19.00

     2950887PAD PEDAL70-72 B,V W/M/T$39.99

     2835880NS170-72 B,J; 66-72 R,W (2948586)$585.00

     3579255BR BOOT/SEAL PK70-72 B,J,R,W CALIPER$59.00

     3549801HUB & ROTOR ASY70-72 B,J,R,W W/DISC BRAKES$389.00

     3004864NS170-72 B,J,R,W (U-82107)$29.00

     2891208P/S PRESSURE H70-72 B,J W/ 340 360$125.00


     3431509416953470-72 ALL W/ 2-SPEED$38.00

     3431510NS370-72 ALL W/ 2-SPEED$50.00

     3431560NS170-72 ALL W/ 2-SPEED$28.00

     2951564OIL PAN70-72 44O HP$0.00

     2951122PULLEY,CRANK 470-72 383,440 W/ A/C$169.50

     3614378PULLEY 2 GROVE70-72 383,440 CRANKSHAFT$189.99

     3420009CRANK BRNG,STD,70-72 /440 HP,6 BBL$18.00

     3656023DISTR PICKUP PL70-72 /340, HEMI W/ELEC IGNITI$30.00

     3461770POSITIONE70-72 (2944722/3)$19.00

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