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About Us
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We are a company located in South Carolina and have been in business for over 15 years. We sell new and used parts for Chrysler Corporation vehicles only, mainly 1955-95 models. Approximately 70% of our sales are new Chrysler parts (genuine MoPar parts) and 30% are good used parts pulled from our large selection of parts cars located on the premises. Our main warehouse is well stocked from floor to ceiling, two levels in all, with new old stock parts. The best analogy for our market niche is your local Chrysler-Plymouth-Dodge dealer. We offer the same high quality parts; only more! We also have parts for your 1981-83 Imperials.

Think of Brad's NOS Parts as your local dealer accessible through a "time machine". If you were able to go back in time to 1975 (remember disco?), you could walk into your friendly local Dodge dealer's parts department and order most any new genuine MoPar part for your 1969 Dodge Coronet. Think of us today as that same dealer's parts counter then. We may have that same new genuine part on our warehouse shelf today, but add 30 years of dust!! We leave the reproduction market to other companies and key in on the good stuff!

One of the most common questions we get is: "Where in the world do you get these parts?" To answer where we get the parts is difficult. It's easier to explain how the parts exist in the first place. Let's say your daily driver is a 1985 Lebaron convertible. The kids break the left convertible top latch and you order a new one from the local dealer. Later you discover you can fix the latch yourself and don't bother to go in and pick it up. Meanwhile 4 weeks go by and your local dealer realizes that you are not coming in to buy it so he "puts it upstairs" figuring he'll need it sooner or later. Twenty years later, he still has it upstairs only with a layer of dust on it, and we now have a 20-year-old NOS part for someone restoring a 1985 Lebaron. Most of our inventory was purchased years ago when the parts were plentiful.

Many times a customer will call and after we verify that we indeed have the needed genuine MoPar part, they will respond: "Do you know how many years I have been looking for that?" Word has it, "If we donít have it, no one does!"

The parts we have inventoried only represent approximately 20% of the NOS parts we actually own and have here. As well as our incredible inventory of new parts, we have many parts cars here.

If you don't see your part here, please call, email or write us, or use the Contact Us Section of the website. Chances are we can find it for you.